Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yes, I Know...

I've been harping on and on about the need for the Obama camp to fight back mercilessly, but truthfully, every bit of the daily barrage of lies spouted forth by John McCain and the Republicans during this presidential campaign. Constantly, I have been doing this, yes.

But thankfully--Paul Begala immediately comes to mind; cheers, sir--we're not alone:

Obama must hit Republicans ten times harder. Let's hear about war profiteering, taxpayer-funded mercenary armies and privatizing core functions of state, habeas corpus and warrantless wiretapping and presidential signing statements, and Katrina and justice department politicization, and phony intel and Abu Ghraib, rendition and torture.

If the Democratic leadership wants to disregard its base and continue to disregard the rule of law, they deserve to lose...and will. Let's hope the Obama campaign doesn't come to this conclusion 10 days out. He needs to articulate his vision of the future, but he also needs to articulate a version of reality. The fiercest urgency is needed now.

- John Cusack, on The Huffington Post

Better a broken record, than a (even more) broken country.

[Oh and by the way, anyone that thinks that artists should keep their mouths shut and just continue being 'performing monkeys' and not opine on these matters, regardless of their level of intelligence and/or grasp on the issues, is reading the wrong blog.]

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