Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's Going on at Fox?

First, Bill O'Reilly posts a fair and balanced piece--seriously, folks--on Barack Obama on his website last week. And then Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, rips into McCain campaign manager Rick Davis for trying to gloss over Sarah Palin's supposed executive experience. ("Aren't you vastly exaggerating her record as a reformer?") Hmm... what's up with that?

There are those who think this all part of the McCain campaign's plan to divert attention from the top of the GOP ticket and leave little time to focus on the Arizona senator's lockstep with the current Bush administration, the whopping gaffes, holes, and inconsistencies in his judgement, statements and plans for the country, and thus, the disaster that would be his presidency. I wouldn't put it past the nefarious "Turd Blossom" and his minions. Stay tuned.

Duh: Stephen Miller Behind Border Family Separations

If you're surprised senior White House advisor and all-around magnificent PoS Stephen Miller is the key figure behind the administration...