Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain vs Obama: Round 2

There's plenty of punditry for you to digest out there, so I'll make it short and sweet:

- Sen. Barack Obama came across more substantive and presidential, defended himself very well, called out Sen. John McCain on his nebulous plans to "fix" things, and even the Fox News panel couldn't bring themselves to give the debate to the GOP candidate.

- Sen. McCain performed well, but needed a knockout; he didn't get it. Tried a bit of the Palin folksiness with mixed results. Referring to Obama at one point as "that one" and refusing to shake his hand after the debate, was just plain petty and disrespectful.

Obama--or "that one," if you will--wins this round.

"That one" remark:

No handshake:

"It's apparent that Senator McCain has some disdain, I think it's fair to say, for Sen. Obama, and...that was very apparent throughout the course of this debate." - CNN's Wolf Blitzer

Ya think, Wolf?

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