Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rudy Watch: The Mark Green Edition

During the Republican primaries, before I started this blog, I would routinely send out emails regarding the rancid exploits of one Rudolph I. Guiliani, former mayor of my hometown, New York City, aka The King of 9/11, so named by yours truly for his disingenuous, shameless appropriation of the instances of honor and bravery surrounding that horrible tragedy. Calling them "Rudy Watch" I forwarded missives full of the lies, gaffes, and unseemly actions of this raging, self-absorbed, narcissist. I did this at first worried that a despot in training such as he could have a chance to become president and then later with glee when his hopes were dashed, the fruits of an incredibly mismanaged campaign, fuelled in no small measure by his Empire State-sized ego.

So, with that, courtsey of The Huffington Post, I bring you "Rudy Watch: The Mark Green Edition" compiled by NYC's first Public Advocate, former Democratic candidate for Mayor, and current president of Air America, Mark Green, from the recent RNC:

- Rudy Giuliani said that Obama had no executive experience, "de nada!" Just like his good friend John McCain. But now that he's mentioned it, let's compare managerial experience: Obama ran a $250 million presidential campaign and won the Democratic nomination after some 50 primaries - while the Goliath of Gotham managed to spend $60 million and win one Republican delegate.

- Rudy Giuliani attacked the media for asking only women, never men, how they could run and serve yet still tend to their motherly duties. Lucky for him that's true, since he's estranged and doesn't speak to his two children. No fatherly duties there to ignore.

- Rudy Giuliani condemned the Democrats for never mentioning "Islamic Terrorism" at their Convention. Actually, a New York Times textual analysis showed that a man named Barack Obama menioned terrorism four times, a woman named Sarah Palin three times and a man named John McCain one time.

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