Saturday, September 6, 2008


AllHipHop's The Wolf on the contrast between the two:

What was on parade in the last three days was some of the vilest and most insulting rhetoric ever seen on the national political stage. Time and time again Obama was dragged through the mud of condensation and sarcasm. When they weren’t calling him uppity they were attacking him as an elitist and when they weren’t saying he lacked experience they claimed what experience he had didn’t matter. According to Sarah Palin, “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.” According to Rudy Giuliani, Obama’s biography should be mocked as he sneered in the tone reserved for Don King, “Only in America.”

Now compare that to the Democratic Convention. Sure there were some red meat attacks. Sure they tied McCain to Bush, and yes they even made fun of the fact that McCain didn’t know how many houses he had. But when they spoke of McCain’s character they praised him for his service to America and his time as a POW, even when liberals said to keep their traps shut about it. They showed decency and, more importantly, respect. Yet is seems that the entire Republican party is incapable of showing Obama even a modicum of value and I can’t help thinking that much of this, if not all, is fueled by racism.

He adds:

As a black man in America I’m disgusted with the GOP. Their disrespect of Obama is a direct diss to me, to my family and to my people who have struggled under unfathomable oppression to get to where we are now. John McCain, you want us to respect and admire your years as a POW? Well then you better start respecting and admiring the people of color who existed generations under the terror and torture of white oppression. Respect gains respect Senator and you have given me none.


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