Monday, September 8, 2008

Why I Love My Mother (and yet another reason)

Hadn’t talked politics with the Moms in a while. So, I picked up the phone last week and proceeded to pick her brain on the upcoming election, the campaign so far, and more importantly what she made of the whole Sarah Palin thing. But first, a little background.

My beloved mother came to the US in 1962, during the Kennedy administration. Not only a lifelong Democrat, Hillary Clinton supporter, who often asked half-jokingly in 1999 if there was some way we could have 4 more years of President Bill Clinton—and who rightly criticized Al Gore for distancing himself from Bill during his 2000 campaign for the presidency; I was wrong on that one but she got it right, as usual—but also a woman who understands the nature of politics better than most pundits, I was understandably eager to hear what she had to say regarding the Alaska governor and newly-minted GOP VP candidate.

As a woman I’m pleased to see her rise to such an important, historic position. This is a great achievement for women. But she’s not getting my vote. I find it offensive that these people think that because we supported Hillary we’re going to flock to her and the Republicans. Please. The only thing she has in common with Hillary is that they’re both women. And all this talk about motherhood—she’s not running to manage an orphanage or a day care center. It’s governing a country we’re talking about. This is too serious an election to be carrying on with irrelevant topics. I only hope Obama and the Democrats can overcome all this nonsense.”

I love you, Mom. Let’s hope many more ladies like you feel the same way.

The Cowardly Kittens

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