Thursday, September 24, 2020

That River In Egypt

Blocking anti-tampering legislation. Hindering the USPS. Attempts to criminalize peaceful protest. Refusing to recognize an election loss. Admission of wanting a new SCOTUS judge to rule favorably when an election impasse reaches that point. And an “October surprise” on the horizon.

It’s clear what the intent and likely result will be. So why are we in collective denial? Because it’s too painful to contemplate?

So, is that it?


The United States of America


Sunday, August 30, 2020

Four More Years

As of this moment, 

• Victims of C-19 are 180K and rising thanks to criminal and willful negligence of this POTUS 

• The unemployed are in the tens of million 

• More civil unrest than we have seen in decades 

• Violence is being actively encouraged and supported by the Republican candidate and his party 

And yet, the presidential race remains a competitive one. 

Election fraud aside, if we get four more years of this nightmare we will have certainly deserved it, for we live among evil, evil people. 


Friday, August 28, 2020


Republicans in all their abominable deplorability; Democrats with their cowardly lion actions and demeanor; so-called progressives and their baby and the bathwater/burn the house down attitude. 

I want nothing to do with the whole lot of them right now.

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Cowardly Kittens

Since I don’t interact with Chumpbots/MAGAts on any regular basis anymore I don’t find myself debating them as frequently as I used to, but I like to share this kind of info because sometimes folks have to rebuff the bullshit spewed by the vast right-wing conspiracy apparatus—HRC sure got that one right—and this might help.

So, now that the 69-page pandemic preparedness playbook/report left by the Obama administration has been made public, this administration’s story has shifted from ‘they left us nothing’ to ‘what they left us was not enough’. Fine. The administration that authored the aforementioned playbook, put together a top-notch global health security team and held the total of H1N1 deaths to 12,400; Ebola: 2; and Zika: 1, did a lousy job of preparing the country for a pandemic, according to the Orange Turd and his circus of sycophants.

But the current criminal outfit is doing a great job: the Obama playbook was ignored; the Pandemic Preparedness Office was closed down, and the PREDICT global monitoring system was cut by 75%. Add 2 months of labeling C-19 a Democratic hoax and you get…almost 90,000 of our fellow citizens dead, more than half of whom could’ve have been spared if even bumbling action had been taken during the first week of March. And that number will continue to rise, sadly.

Meanwhile, Dear Leader and the Trumpistan flunkies pat themselves on the back and lie to the American people 24/7 while NO ONE with any real pull calls them on it.

So why isn’t the DNC on the attack? Why isn’t EVERY SINGLE PROMINENT DEMOCRAT, along with an army of political operatives and pundits, on every possible news or political talk show making sure this info is known to every man, woman and child in this country and rubbing it in the Orange Turd’s face?

And speaking of an army, why isn’t Michigan’s governor calling out the cops, the National Guard, or whoever the fuck is appropriate under the circumstances, to let the handful of fucking scumbag, Astroturf “protesters” know that they can’t intimidate the lawful government of a state?

How long are the fucking Dems going to play the Cowardly Lion routine?!

I’m sorry, “Lion”? I meant kitten. They are cowardly kittens.

And their ineptitude in facing this disgrace of a POTUS head on, is a big reason why in the middle of a horribly botched response, bordering on criminally negligent homicide, to a pandemic that will likely kill more than 100,000 Americans, the WORST president in American history has a chance of being re-elected.

Cowardly kittens, indeed.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Time to Idiotproof the Country

This might be as utopian as my dream of secession, but safeguards must be placed to avoid any old buffon like the Trump (or worse) to become POTUS in the future. If there's one thing the Trump presidency has taught us is that many of our norms and requirements for the POTUS are not laws but suggestions based on some kind of gentleman's honor code. Ridiculous! What we've seen is what happens when a scumbag shows up and says, "Oh, yeah? Whatever. Make me."

We must learn from this putrid orange nightmare and put legal requirements in place. For instance: No income tax record, no divestment of business? Can't be a legal candidate and are precluded from being on any ballot, period. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so MUCH MORE to be done to truly have the necessary checks and balances in place, in order to avoid repeating this horrid abomination of a mistake. And if we don’t, we’ll live thru this or worse next time. (Don't kid yourself: the GOP has among its ranks MUCH WORSE than Trump who happen to be smooth, smart and cunning, in addition to evil. Imagine an intelligent, more deplorable but skilled version of Trump. Yeah, they got those.) And that is simply UNACCEPTABLE, to say the least.

The founding fathers envisioned the rise of a PoS like Trump and thought there were enough options to protect the country from such a disgrace. What they didn’t take into account was a corrupt congressional bunch who would put party before country. And so, here we are. We have witnessed the TRAGIC result of what happens when there are no safeguards to a hold back a criminal, inept, murderous, narcissist, thief and traitor. This must be remedied at the first available opportunity. The POTUS is an office TOO important to place in the hands of any old buffon, especially one who is a murderous grifter, to boot. Otherwise, it'll be worse next time.

Much worse.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Bring The Noise

If, as the old saying goes, idle hands are the devil's workshop, then idle time and an internet connection are how you fill out the job application.
Having always had great appreciation for those who monitor wingnuttery so the rest of us don't have to, these folks have risen even more in my esteem since I found myself falling thru a YouTube rabbit hole recently and checking out some of the nonsense that passes for discourse out there. The good news is that now I know that if I accidentally swallowed poison, or anything else that harmful, I can count on some of these conservative, right-wing clips on YouTube to provoke enough nausea to propel the poison out. But what a price to pay.

I am happy to report that (with one exception) a combined hour's worth of watching the likes of Alex Jones or Tomi Lahren or Dennis Miller or Ben Shapiro spew their nonsense did not at any point in time lead me to think “Hmm. Not a bad idea. I should look into that.” The lone exception being that Miller and I agree that this country is too divided and polarized to keep operating with its citizenry as one people. But conservative douchebag that he is, he was coy about how to do it, and avoided bringing up the largest elephant in the room today: that most of the red states would likely starve without blue state money. 

Surprisingly, even in their element, amongst their own people, where one would assume they would let their hair down and speak freely, without having to couch their responses in a certain way in order to appear more palatable and reasonable to new converts, it’s very easy to see through their shtick and how they get across their heavily flawed ideas. I don't care enough to address the hot mess that is Lahren aka Blowhard Barbie, but Jones and Shapiro have a similar approach—at different intensity levels, tho: Jones like a madman off his meds and Shapiro like the annoying little teacher’s pet despised by all, who thinks he's righteous but is actually worse than the schoolyard bullies—which is reminiscent of the endless Trump barrage of lies and scandals. In other words, they spew so much continuous garbage you could get sucked in if you tend to be swayed by false premises and straw men. Miller, on the other hand, carries himself pretty much like the hep cat who is not as cool or smart as he thinks he is and these days is indistinguishable from his old colleague Dana Carvey’s scathing impressions of him back in their SNL days.

I could go on for days, but their positions are essentially the intellectual equivalent of rank Swiss cheese. So who's got time for that noise? Also, I must stop before I get deep into breaking down Dave Rubin, a vacuous wingnut talking head who consorts and defends homophobes who openly make their distaste for homosexuality known to Rubin, which he's fine with (I've witnessed it), despite being gay himself. But hey, I get people gotta make a living. And as long as there are wealthy right wing corporate donors you are willing to prostrate yourself before in order to get some of that blood money, their like will reproduce like the pestilence they are. Anyway...

Stay safe. 
Wash those hands.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Fun During Quarantine: Challenging the Chumpbots

Once in a while your boy likes to mix it up with the right-wing nut jobs because, frankly, who’s going to lay down some truth in their Chumpbot/MAGAt world? Plus, mental exercise is good. (Although this was more like stretching before a workout.)

However, I don’t care to rumble with the intellectually impaired—they won’t get it and it’s not a fair fight, anyway. But it’s the numbnuts who think they are smart and wise because they heard Jordan Peterson speak once and think Joe Rogan is some kind of Ayn Rand hero who are most entertaining to me. (I don’t dislike Rogan, btw, but he’s a dude who gets it wrong as frequently as he gets it right, and when he’s wrong it’s a doozy.)

So, without further ado, here’s a recent, brief exchange:

Kiko Jones: OK, let's play along: liberal colleges are bad because they espouse their close-minded point of view but conservative colleges are fine even though they espouse their own close-minded point of view. Got it.

Right Wing Nut Job: First off, I defy you to name a "conservative college." Second, there may be close minded conservatives, but the ratio is inverted when it comes to the left in terms of this close minded point of view. The right does not care about cancelling people, does not believe in respecting pronouns and did not start MeToo.

KJ: Ooh, nice. Here we go...
- No conservative colleges? Here's 5 just off the top of my head...Bob Jones, Brigham Young, Grove City, Hillsdale, Liberty...there's legion.
- To be conservative is to be by nature and definition close minded. Conservative thought is reluctant to embrace change and diversity and innovation. Look it up.
- Conservatives don't call it canceling but do it anyway: just ask any conservative who is gay-friendly and/or pro-choice how they get treated by and large by other conservatives. Pronouns? You don't care about respecting the people. You don't like them so you lash out at them by focusing on pronouns to clumsily cover your tracks. And finally, who would expect the 'boys will be boys/girls ain't shit' crowd who voted for a CONFIRMED sexual predator to be POTUS to look after sexually assaulted women? The same who say women should enjoy being raped? Nah.

Right Wing Nut Job: [groan] Yeah, whatever.

KJ: That's what I thought.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

We Are Already Poisoned

Yes, the Dim Reaper encouraged people to injest disinfectant this past week. And when someone in his administration I assume finally had the courage to tell him that this is idiotic and dangerous, he claimed he was simply being sarcastic and that, as his bootlickers are frequently fond of stating when he says something monumentally stupid, he was baiting the press to see if they fell for it. Hilarious, I tell you.

But in the midst of this C-19 nightmare, that's not even the worst part.

We can blame Trump all we want (the vast majority of it deserved, of course) but we cannot ignore that a significant portion of the blame falls on the shoulders of those who still follow him blindly, including about 90% or so of his party, which enables him to further drown us in deadly incompetence. How else can you explain an approval rating percentage in the mid 40s after the disastrous management of this crisis? One that, frankly, borders on negligent homicide? These are the same people who hate those they disagree with politically more than they love their country. How promising.

And so, we are a doomed, failed nation. Now with an extra layer of death and grief exacerbated by a disgusting sociopath whose followers and sycophants want to add to the death toll by reopening unessential businesses in the midst of a pandemic with no cure or vaccine in sight. This is why I believe that even if Trump were to magically disappear and C-19 miraculously eradicated overnight, our country would still be in a downward spiral fueled by ignorance, resentment and hate; racial and otherwise. Secession would be optimal if it weren't a utopian dream. I don't see a way out. God help us.

Stay safe, one and all.

Friday, April 17, 2020

This Liberal Defends and Supports Republicans (and proudly so)

First, let's get the obvious out of the way:

Yes, it’s a clickbait-y sensationalist headline purposely devised to get your attention. Here’s the catch, though: it’s true.

This week, the folks over at the Lincoln Project—a group of prominent of Republicans including constitutional lawyer George Conway; former campaign manager for John McCain’s presidential run in 2008, Steve Schmidt; and former advisor to Ted Cruz, author and political operative Rick Wilson—who have made no secret of wanting Trump defeated in November and have been actively working towards that goal, endorsed Joe Biden for president, a first for all involved.

These are the Republicans my headline is referring to, for those keeping score at home. Although, this is not a surprise to anyone who reads my commentary since I've let it be known I am quite alright with Never Trumpers, especially since many of them have been much more vocal and direct in their attacks on Trump than 95% of Democrats. (Hello! Tom Perez! Anybody home?)

But let me be clear, Never Trumper support does not mean they get a seat at the table. (Nor are they asking for one, as far as I can tell.) And I don’t want anyone to be under the impression I am whitewashing their resum├ęs, either. (Wilson and Ted Cruz, for instance. Ugh.) But this is an 'all hands on deck' situation, so whether you're an independent, supported another Democrat or have been a GOPer all your life who wants no part of the Orange Turd, WE NEED YOU. We can sort it out later and dream of a day when we can argue about taxes and arts and education and health funding with Republicans again. But right now we need to unite in the common goal of removing this shit stain of a president from the White House.

Speaking of which, for all his bluster and acquired bravado, Needy Amin knows deep down his goose is cooked and that his GOP enablers and sycophants won't be there for him if he loses in November and finds himself leaving Mar-A-Lago in handcuffs in January of next year. Which is why he's going into 'animal backed into a corner' mode, knowing he needs to be re-elected (or God forbid, forcefully and illegally stay in office) in order to avoid a jumpsuit to match his fake skin tone. With the added plus for him and his cronies that he finally gets to destroy this country in four more years. (Or even less. As if this plague wasn't enough, that nightmare scenario is also is upon us.)

And so, at a time when we have liberals/progressives vowing to sit out this election (in the middle of a plague dramatically exacerbated by this sentient sewage masquerading as POTUS, no less) we need all the help we can get. And the Never Trumpers in the Lincoln Project can reach people our side would NEVER be able to convince to support Biden. Fact, yo.

In their formal statement this week, the Lincoln Project board made clear this was the first time any of them had endorsed a Democrat for POTUS. Well, this is the first time I’ve endorsed a Republican for anything.

God Bless America. Let’s do this.

Friday, March 27, 2020

A Message to Chumpbots and MAGAts

Once again defending the indefensible, this POTUS' supporters are bemoaning the questioning of a egomaniacal president* whose arrogance, incompetence and narcissism has clearly endangered the lives of millions in the midst of a worldwide health crisis by reducing the position of those who point out his numerous (and some would aptly say purposely murderous) disastrous decisions to attacks motivated by a personal disdain of the man. OK, enough. I've got something to say to them.

I am so sick and tired of this “just because you hate him” nonsense, as if we’re talking about Ghandi or Mother Theresa. How dare you sell your souls to support a corrupt, ignorant, inept and proven vulgar misogynist, racist, sexual predator, traitor and thief and then look down at the rest of us as if we’re the ones with moral failings?! Shame on every last one of you!

You’re the ones backing the man who caged children and pawned a bunch of ‘em off to right-wing adoption agencies.
You’re the ones supporting the man who said neo-Nazis were fine people.
You’re the ones condoning the actions of a man who says it’s alright to grab women by their genitals without permission.
You’re the ones siding with a man who took the word of a sworn American enemy over that of our intelligence agencies.
And now, you’re the ones agreeing with a criminal buffoon who doesn’t care if millions die as long as he can tout a stable economy—WHICH HE INHERITED THAT WAY from the Kenyan Muslim, as you all called him—all in a bid to win re-election and avoid being jailed next year. But we’re the bad guys???!!

Well, you all have blood on your hands and can go rot in Hell along with him. How’s that? Too bad we can’t secede since the GOP would fight tooth and nail for the red welfare states to get that blue state tax revenue which they would starve without, and the Dems are too chicken shit to put up a fight and realize that:

a) this unholy union has run its course
b) you people would kill us in our sleep if you could.

I mean, you are LITERALLY fine with millions dying to "save" the economy. (You mean your portfolios, right?) Aren't you supposed to be the "pro-ilfe" people? Oh, right: that was always bullshit.

The conservative "pro-life" stance is one huge hypocritical con visible to all who cared to see it. We've seen it in the disdain, if not downright hostility, towards day care, single mothers, child benefits, etc. "Love the fetus, hate the child", I've heard it called. Perfect. The fact of the matter, is that the term is a misnomer under the best of circumstances, since it's actually pro-birth and anchored by white procreation. In other words, if WoC were the only ones deciding their pregnancies, the "pro-lfe" movement would simply not exist. Poof!

And now we're seeing its even darker side: "I don't care who has to die as long as my portfolio doesn't tank and we keep our Great White Dope in the White House before the AO-C and Bernie Sanders-led communists change our way of life."

Evil, evil people you Chumpbots/MAGAts.

God help us all.

(PS: You should have you rallies and avoid social distancing. But you should also forfeit the right to visit any public hospital when you get infected. Pay doctors and nurses to come to your homes if you want care. Or just take your chances at home. Isn't that what a free market looks like?)

Friday, February 7, 2020

A Little Bit on Bloomberg from a New Yorker

I've said before that I will not engage in attacking or promoting any Democratic candidate while there is no nominee. Got no time for that noise. But Mike Bloomberg is the exception to that rule, especially since many on our side have taken to considering his viablity as a POTUS candidate. Yeah, we don't need another stereotypically clueless billionaire* from New York with no idea as to how working class people live and survive.

* [In Trump's case we have to guess how much money he has, of course.]

The problem with Mike Bloomberg is not that he's rich but that he's the liberal Donald Trump. (Although there's that pesky $7m he donated to the Republican party, making him the largest single donor in that party's history.) This is a man who chastised the working class folks here in NYC who complained about not having their streets plowed, after being buried under several feet of snow for several days, with “The world has not come to an end. The city is going fine” all because as he famously stated, Times Square had been plowed and tourists were able to see Broadway shows.

However, that's a minor gripe compared to his 3-term effort to cater to corporate interests and turn NYC into Dubai, where the workforce is imported because working class people can't afford to live in the city. We're not there yet, despite Bloomberg's darndest efforts to do so during his 12 year reign.

What we do need his deep pockets for is to fund an equivalent of the Lincoln Project, a group of prominent Never Trumpers whose mission is to badly skewer Trump and his enabling, lawmaker cronies via a barrage of ads and viral videos NOT his candidacy.


That River In Egypt

Blocking anti-tampering legislation. Hindering the USPS. Attempts to criminalize peaceful protest. Refusing to recognize an election loss. A...