Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lame Duck President Goes on Fool's Errand: Pill = Abortion

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Bush administration wants to introduce a draft regulation which would consider birth control pills as abortion and not just contraceptives.

I guess the president has nothing to do before now and Thanksgiving--no Republican candidate with a chance of winning wants to be anywhere near W, so campaigning is out of the question--but can't hightail it to his Crawford, TX ranch just yet, so this is how he's keeping busy. But why now, when his power and influence have diminished incredibly? Some last minute Christian Right pandering for McCain's benefit?

Well, better this than plans to bomb/invade Iran, that's for sure.

Now Is The Time

Unlike the exchanges of civility and common courtesy we expect in our routine, everyday lives, politics should be viewed as a parallel to boxing: a bloodsport where recognition of the opponent's weakness is an opportunity to be completey taken advantage of. (You can be civil and honorable once you're in office.)

The McCain camp--specifically the candidate himself and his wife (although the candidate may not be speaking for the campaign)--gave repeated assurances of a clean, issue-based campaign. It seems now that if they were ever sincere about a clean campaigning pledge, it was conditioned on McCain not being behind in the polls. Oops.

So, they want to play rough? They want to let their desperation lead them to questioning Obama's patriotism; to compare him to likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, etc.? Ok. Bring it on. Obama people: it's time to POUNCE. Hard. Swiftly. And decisively. Don't go all Pelosi on us.

Speaking of which...

Quote of the Year!!!

"If somebody had a crime that the President had committed, that would be a different story."

- Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on why she has refused to pursue impeachment proceedings against President George Bush or Vice-President Cheney.


Jon Voight Has Lost It

"The Democratic Party, in its quest for power, has managed a propaganda campaign with subliminal messages, creating a God-like figure in a man who falls short in every way. It seems to me that if Mr. Obama wins the presidential election, then Messrs. [Louis] Farrakhan, [Rev. Jeremiah] Wright, [William] Ayers and [Rev. Michael] Pfleger will gain power for their need to demoralize this country and help create a socialist America.

The Democrats have targeted young people, knowing how easy it is to bring forth whatever is needed to program their minds. I know this process well. I was caught up in the hysteria during the Vietnam era, which was brought about through Marxist propaganda underlying the so-called peace movement. The radicals of that era were successful in giving the communists power to bring forth the killing fields and slaughter 2.5 million people in Cambodia and South Vietnam. Did they stop the war, or did they bring the war to those innocent people? In the end, they turned their backs on all the horror and suffering they helped create and walked away."

Hey, doesn't the first sentence apply exactly to the Republicans circa 2004? Anyway, if you want to see Voight's entire Washington Times OpEd go ahead. You'll wish you hadn't.

Shouldn't Voight be visiting his daughter and new grandchildren instead of using his free time to write unhinged nonsense? On second thought, Angelina probably doesn't want this kook around her kids.

Btw, CNN's Glenn Beck is spouting the same crap: Obama's "vision for America appears to be somewhere between Sen. Hillary Clinton and Karl Marx."


Illegal Immigrant's Death: Racist? Political? Random?

The Justice Department's civil rights division has opened a criminal investigation into the death of Luis Ramírez, a 25 year old Mexican illegal immigrant, who was severly beaten two weeks ago by a trio of white teenagers in a Pennsylvania coal mining town and died 2 days later. CNN has details.

I wonder what Billo the Clown has to say about this...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'I am a Unitarian'

This piece is required reading for all who are sickened by last week's attack on a Tennessee Unitarian church, by Jim Adkisson, a 58 year old, out of work, racist wingnut who opened fire on some 200 people, including 25 children. He killed 2 people and injured 7 before he was subdued by 3 other church goers.

According to one of the interviewing police officers, "Adkisson stated that he had targeted the church because of its liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country, and that he felt that the Democrats had tied his country's hands in the war on terror and they had ruined every institution in America with the aid of major media outlets. Adkisson made statements that because he could not get to the leaders of the liberal movement that he would then target those that had voted them into office. Adkisson stated that he had held these beliefs for about the last ten years."

Adkisson was also said to be upset that his food stamps were about to be cut. (Oh, the irony: if it were up to his beloved wingnuts, there would be no food stamps.)

Oh, and surprise, surprise: copies of Liberalism is a Mental Disorder by Michael Savage, Let Freedom Ring by Sean Hannity, and The O'Reilly Factor by Bill O'Reilly, were found during a police search of Adkisson's home.

You know, I don't believe in censorship but it's time these wingnut assholes got the fear of God put into 'em. They can't continue spewing intense, dehumanizing, hate-filled rants and then play stupid when one of their deranged followers takes action. There needs to be actions of protest and civil disobedience taken upon Fox News and their ilk. C'mon people: Don Imus' infractions were WAY more miniscule than this and he ended up losing his job. What's the price to pay for these fuckers?

Something has to be done.


Here's the trailer for Oliver Stone's latest. It opens October 17th. (I guess you could call it Stone's "October Surprise." Ha!)



Hugh Thompson Jr., a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot honored for rescuing Vietnamese civilians from his fellow GIs during the My Lai massacre, has died at age 62.

Early in the morning of March 16, 1968, Thompson, door-gunner Lawrence Colburn and crew chief Glenn Andreotta came upon U.S. ground troops killing Vietnamese civilians in and around the village of My Lai.

They landed the helicopter in the line of fire between American troops and fleeing Vietnamese civilians and pointed their own guns at the U.S. soldiers to prevent more killings.

Colburn and Andreotta had provided cover for Thompson as he went forward to confront the leader of the U.S. forces. Thompson later coaxed civilians out of a bunker so they could be evacuated, and then landed his helicopter again to pick up a wounded child they transported to a hospital. Their efforts led to the cease-fire order at My Lai.

In 1998, the Army honored the three men with the prestigious Soldier's Medal, the highest award for bravery not involving conflict with an enemy. It was a posthumous award for Andreotta, who had been killed in battle three weeks after My Lai.

"It was the ability to do the right thing even at the risk of their personal safety that guided these soldiers to do what they did," Army Maj. Gen. Michael Ackerman said at the 1998 ceremony. The three "set the standard for all soldiers to follow."

Lt. William L. Calley, a platoon leader, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the killings, but served just three years under house arrest when then-President Nixon reduced his sentence.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Like a Red-headed Stepchild

While John McCain is complaining about the media being soft on his rival Barack Obama, the press have not only failed to report on the factual inaccuracy of McCain’s recent attack ad—in which he accuses Obama of refusing to meet with US troops in Rammstein, Germany—they have also given very little airtime to Vice-President Dick Cheney’s ridiculous security demands in order for him to speak at the Disabled Veterans of America convention in August. Needless to say, the veterans group pulled Cheney’s invite for the event.

Now, what if Obama had done this? The wingnut attack machine and the press would be making mincemeat of the Illinois senator. But this was Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney, so it alll good, right? Fuckers.

As for McCain showing his true colors and campaigning dirty, I suggest the Obama camp roll up their sleeves and hit ‘em back as hard as they can: his involvement in the infamous 1987 Savings & Loan scandal; his lousy record with veterans groups, as well as his REFUSAL to support Sen. Webb’s new GI Bill initiative; the cadre of lobbyists surrounding him, despite his pseudo populist rhetoric; and EVERY SINGLE ISSUE of importance Mr. so-called “Straight Talk Express” has ‘flip-flopped’ on, etc etc etc. They’re desperate and lashing out. Hit ‘em hard. Hit ‘em now.

Sen. Ted Stevens Indicted; Anyone Surprised?

You knew it was eventually gonna come to this: Senator Ted “Bridge to Nowhere” Stevens (R-Alaska), one of the biggest kings of pork spending this country has ever seen, has been federally indicted on seven counts of concealing thousands of dollars in gifts or services form a company renovating his home. Also being looked into whether his son, an Alaskan lobbyist, benefited form legislation the 84-year old Stevens purposely pushed for.

Man, when it comes to corruption and only paying lip service to their own brand of “family values” these Republicans are the champs.

Dick Cheney's (political) Obituary

Columnist Jean York:

"With your constant fear and war mongering, you will always be remembered as the artful dodger who actively pursued five deferments rather than go to Vietnam, but in later years sent 4,123 fellow Americans to their deaths because you lied us into the war in Iraq by connecting Saddam Hussein with 9/11."


Another Monica Strikes Again in Washington?

The LA Times wonders whether it was the bumbling, former AG Alberto González or the sweet, blonde, Pat Robertson university graduate, mid-level aide Monica Goodling that tarnished the Justice Department's reputation by making it a feeding ground for Bush/GOP cultists.

By the way, Goodling may be losing her license to practice law and is on track to spend some time at Club Fed. Of course, she's getting a book deal out of this.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Word of the (smart) People

Our boy Teethwriter nails those making despearate attempts at belittling Sen. Obama's landmark trip to Europe and the Middle East by calling them assholes and framing it thus:

So you're the first African-American candidate seriously considered for President of the United States. You're very popular world wide and following the advice of your opponent you decide to visit Iraq. And while you're out there you decide to make a lap around the rest of the middle east and Europe because the weather's nice and they're like important or something and you might have to like deal with them later. And while you're in Europe you decide to give a speech in Germany cause they have a really big space and you wanna talk to people cause people (200,000 in fact) want to hear you speak.

And so you give this speech, which is historical for many reasons: a black US Presidential candidate speaking across the sea talking to people who don't even speak his language and look, well, less tan, and you talk about coming together and you talk about fighting poverty and you talk about combating the terror of violence, of hunger, of suffering, and you compliment your audience on their accomplishments and you compliment your own country as well and you tell them that you're 'a citizen of the world', a way to bridge the gap between you and them. You're as eloquent and inspiring as you've always been and for the first time since 9/11 you see Europeans waving American flags rather than burning them.For a moment shit seems pretty damned good. So what happens then? Well of course you're attacked and criticized.

He calls himself a 'citizen of the world', oh he's saying he's too good or too big or too much for just America. He says he loves America, oh now he's ignoring the world. He doesn't wear a flag pin, oh now he's too good for us. He wears a flag pin, oh now he's pandering. He makes a good speech, he's too intelligent, he makes a bad speech...oh wait that hasn't happened, so he's an elitist.If Obama discovered a cure for AIDS people would probably complain that the cure gives you headaches. I'm done.

I'm with ya, bud.

Quote of the Day

"Quit talking about, 'Did the surge work or not work,' or, 'Did you vote for this or support this. Get out of that. We're done with that. How are we going to project forward? What are we going to do for the next four years to protect the interest of America and our allies and restructure a new order in the world? That's what America needs to hear from these two candidates. And that's where I am."

- Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska) 7/24/08

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Freedom Fries, Anyone?

Sen. Barack Obama has gotten quite the welcome on this recent jaunt throughout the Middle East and Europe: enthusiastically greeted by soldiers in Iraq; his military withdrawal plan validated by Iraq’s prime minister; an uneventful—in a good way—trip thru Israel; a warmly received speech by hundreds of thousands in Berlin. I’d like to think that after 8 years of the failed Bush Administration, Obama’s candidacy sends out a different message to Europe and the rest of the world. One that says “Hey, not only are we seriously considering a black man as our next president, but he’s a smart, thoughtful man, who will rekindle your trust in us.” And with the dollar’s value plummeting, our economy in shambles and our foreign policy equally mocked and derided, we need all the allies we can get. Not that lame-ass Coalition of the Willing, but a real set of true allegiances.

Of course, the wingnuts with their chest-thumping “We’re #1, rah-rah-rah” stance find all this, at worst, un-American; at best, perplexing. But if the 44th president of these United States were to be John McCain, with his gung-ho, shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach to foreign policy, “Old Europe” and the rest of the world—watch out for Russia, who McCain seems to enjoy antagonizing—could conceivably turn its back on us and exercise whatever power it has to ensure our collapse. (Don’t think so? We can’t even get Iraq or Afghanistan under control after 5 years; Germany could clobber us right now.) But our defeat would not be military; it would be an economic one and would represent the fall of the last empire. (Or superpower; whatever’s clever.) All it takes is for China to stumble a little bit and the other superpowers to close their doors and...poof. Remember that next time you feel like ordering "freedom fries" or dissing Deutschland.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sly Stone and The Clash Each Wrote a Great Song For This Kinda Thing

So, we've said we'd leave Iraq whenever they--the Iraqis--asked us to. And now they have. Iraqi PM al-Maliki wants us to get out in a similar fashion to Sen. Obama's proposal of a 16-month of gradual reduction in troops. So, what does the White House say? It's partial to a time horizon as opposed to a timetable for leaving Iraq. (Can you tell the difference? No? That's because there is none.) In other words, the Bush Administration just agreed with al-Maliki and Obama. So, where does that leave Lone Wolf McCain, who, as the Iraqi War's true believer and chief cheerleader, basically got sucker punched? Not sure how to answer, that's how.

"Senator McCain has always said that conditions on the ground--including the security threats posed by extremists and terrorists, and the ability of Iraqi forces to meet those threats--would be key determinants in U.S. force levels"-McCain campaign adviser Randy Scheunemann

"The fact is that we and the Iraqis will deal in what is in the national security interests of both countries. And there is no reason to assume that the Iraqis aren't going to act in what they perceive as their national interest. I believe we will enact ours and I believe we will all come home." - John McCain, 7/22/08

Does it say anywhere in there he agrees or disagrees with al-Maliki? Nope. Or with the White House's tepid acceptance of the Prime Minister's recent pronouncements? Uh-uh.

So now, what is the McCain camp going to do? Embark on another wave of never-ending rhetoric? Or own up to the fact that his presidential rival's take on our continued involvement in Iraq is shared by the Iraqi government, which represents a major blow to McCain's claims of national security and foreign relations expertise?

Oh, come on, you know it's the former. Shame on you.

Them Fox Folks Gots Book Learnin'

[Courtesy of Crooks and Liars.]

Lieberman Less Popular Among Jews than Obama

Damn, that's gotta hurt, Joe.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sir

[photo courtesy of AP.]
And thank you for your example and inspiration.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Former AG John Ashcroft in His Own Words

"...information received from the use of enhanced interrogation techniques...exceeded the value of information that was received from all other sources."

"...I believe a report of waterboarding would be serious, but I do not believe it would define torture...the Department of Justice has on a consistent basis over the last half-dozen years or so, over and over again in its evaluations, come to the conclusion that under the law in existence during my time as attorney general, waterboarding did not constitute torture." - 7/17/08

And there you have it. Did you expect different? Are you gonna now tell me you're waiting for Karl Rove to comply with that subpoena or Dick Cheney to pony up his notes from those secret energy policy meetings? Please. Not when the Dems are not even to close to the level of ruthlessness of sweet little kitty cats.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good Concept, Bad Execution

And that's my take on The New Yorker magazine's front cover controversy. Try harder next time, people.

Nip it in the Bud (no pun intended)

My dear friend Mrs. L's dad got sent some benign pro-Cindy McCain/anti-Michelle Obama propaganda via e-mail recently, which he forwarded to her to get an opinion. After glowingly going over her bio in a pseudo resume style, the email ends with "And most important---She has always been proud of her country!!!!"

Mrs. L's response, I will now share with you:

"What this does not include is how John McCain after returning from Vietnam found his first wife disabled from a car accident and three weeks later ditched her and hooked up with the breathtaking blonde in this article. No one is saying there’s anything false in this article but it’s strange this woman hasn’t spoken up....Michelle Obama can stand before any audience and speak of various weighty topics. Her dad was a humble, hardworking man who didn’t have a multi-million dollar company to give her to run (even if she was capable).

And that much-admired Republican Party? In 2000 one of Karl Rove’s strategies for Bush’s win over McCain in the South was to spread the rumor of the adopted daughter…being the illegitimate fruit of his affair with a black woman. You can imagine how bitter that fruit must’ve tasted to southern racists!

Cindy McCain is a rich, privileged, southern blonde, that has never had to ask herself if she’s proud of our country. As they say here, 'it's like comparing apples to oranges'. Much more inspirational to me is how FAR Michelle Obama has come from where she came from...than what Cindy McCain has done with the privileges she was born with

Um, yeah.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Jesse Helms (in his own words)

"The Negro cannot count forever on the kind of restraint that's thus far left him free to clog the streets, disrupt traffic, and interfere with other men's rights."
You may continue eulogizing now.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A 'Blast' from the Past

Think Progress:

In a 1998 interview, Osama bin Laden — the terrorist organizer of 9/11 who still roams free — listed as one of his many grievances against the U.S. that Americans “have stolen $36 trillion from Muslims” by purchasing oil from Persian Gulf countries at low prices. The real price of a barrel of oil should be $144, bin Laden demanded.

Ten years ago today, the price of a barrel of oil was just $11. Heading into this holiday weekend, the price of a barrel of oil rested at $144 — a thirteen-fold increase.

One month after 9/11, the New York Times wrote of possible “nightmare” scenarios that would deliver bin Laden’s goal. Neela Banerjee warned that among the “misguided decisions” that would put oil supplies at risk would be “that the United States attacks Iraq.” The Times included this quote in its story:

“If bin Laden takes over and becomes king of Saudi Arabia, he’d turn off the tap,” said Roger Diwan, a managing director of the Petroleum Finance Company, a consulting firm in Washington. “He said at one point that he wants oil to be $144 a barrel” — about six times what it sells for now.

Bin Laden didn’t have to become king of Saudi Arabia to achieve his goal; in fact, Bush’s policies delivered it for him. The Bush administration’s catastrophic decision to invade Iraq, sink the nation into debt to pay for that war, and consequently, weaken the dollar have all caused oil prices to soar astronomically.

Testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee last May, Anne Korin, the co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, reminded Congress about bin Laden’s goal:

[A]bout ten years ago, Osama bin Laden stated that his target price for oil is $144 a barrel and that the American people, who allegedly robbed the Muslim people of their oil, owe each Muslim man, woman, and child $30,000 in back payments. At the time, $144 a barrel seemed farfetched to most. […]

I would like to impress upon this Committee that $144 a barrel oil will be perceived as a victory for the Jihadist movement and a reaffirmation that the economic warfare component of its campaign against the West is a resounding success. There is no need to elaborate on the implications of such a victory in terms of loss of U.S. prestige and our ability to prevail in the Long War of the 21st century.

Indeed, ten years later, a mission accomplished for bin Laden.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Olbermann and Limbaugh Agree

Well, on one thing:

"The man is Ted Baxter."

- Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, on Fox News' host--and Keith Olbermann bete noire--Bill O'Reilly, in this week's upcoming NY Times magazine.

Fox Nuisance Has Tantrum: Disfigures NYT Journos

Their desperation is so beyond pathetic, it hilarious. (I wonder if the Fox and Friends bunch will be on Keith's "Worst Persons" list tonight...)

"On the July 2 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade labeled New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Reddicliffe 'attack dogs,' claiming that Steinberg's June 28 article on the 'ominous trend' in Fox News' ratings was a 'hit piece.' During the segment, however, Fox News featured photos of Steinberg and Reddicliffe that appeared to have been digitally altered -- the journalists' teeth had been yellowed, their facial features exaggerated, and portions of Reddicliffe's hair moved further back on his head. Fox News gave no indication that the photos had been altered."

That's What I'm Talking About

Sorry to keep harping about this, but The Daily Kos' Eric Massa writes about something I've been saying for a few weeks now: the need to effectively separate Lt. John McCain-the soldier, from Sen. John McCain-the politician, in order to show his numerous vulnerabilities as a potential president. (Btw, Massa--a veteran who served under Gen. Clark--agrees w/me on that whole fiasco. So does Matthew Yglesias.)

And speaking of Matthew Yglesias, here's is a comment I saw on his blog that sums up the double standard, perfectly:

"When John Kerry charges a hostile beach to go one-on-one with an enemy soldier firing an RPG, he's a bloodthirsty opportunist.

When Max Cleland dives on a live grenade, he's a bumbling oaf.

When Wesley Clark is shot four times while fending off the Viet Cong, he's a cowardly REMF.

When John McCain endures five years as a P.O.W., he's a preeminent expert on foreign policy."


Not the Kind The Jacksons Sang About

Vanity Fair's Christopher Hitchens decided to subject himself to waterboarding to find out, once and for all, if the 'technique' is actually torture or not. (What conclusion do you think he arrived at?) The complete piece can be found here. Oh, and if you want to see Hitchens' actual waterboarding, the video is here.

Woe is GOP

Swing State Project has put together "The Modern Republican Party: A Compendium of Catastrophe" which goes through the "Republican hubris, fuckups and misfortunes" of the last 18 months.

Some of my faves include:

- Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann is forced to recant her unsubstantiated, unsourced claim of a covert plan by Iran to set up "a terrorist safe haven zone" in Iraq, which would be known as the "Iraq State of Islam" and would be a base of operations from which to attack other countries in the Middle East and the US.

- Michigan congressman Tim Walberg’s assertion that Iraq was as safe as Detroit or Chicago.

- 60% of the local party in Lyndhurst, NJ—including the entire Republican governing party—switches from the GOP to the Democrats.

- Retiring Virginia congressman Tom Davis’ allegation that his party’s "brand is so bad right now that if it were a dog food, they'd take it off the shelf."

- Unable to agree on a suitable replacement for disgraced congressman Vito Fossella—after the two most promising potential candidates declined to run—Staten Island conservatives decide to endorse a Democrat.

Man, if the Democrats lose this election they need to close up shop, send eveybody home and board up the place. Seriously.

McCain Has Celebrity Endorsements, Too

Lost amidst all the brouhaha over Barack Obama's recent celebrity endorsements, is how his rival, the senator from Arizona and GOP presidential candidate, can now count on the support of none other than "Ponch" and that other dude from Bio-Dome. (Who's Pauly Shore supporting, anyway?) Now, if he can get Andrew "Dice" Clay, The Dukes of Hazzard guys, and Chuck Norris to come on board, he's set! (Have they called Pat Sajak or Ricky Schroeder, yet?)

And you thought Hollywood was just one huge bastion of liberalism...shame on you.

The Politics of Mass Distraction

See, this is what happens when you validate erroneous positions and assumptions: Sen. John McCain's campaign and the candidate himself have now added Sen. Jim Webb to (ret.) Gen. Wesley Clark, in the alleged attack on his military credentials.

This is what Sen. Webb, appearing on MSNBC's Countdown Monday night, actually said:
"...we need to make sure that we take politics out of service. People don‘t serve their country for political issues.

And John McCain‘s my long-time friend, if that is one area that I would ask him to calm down on, it‘s that, don‘t be standing up and uttering your political views and implying that all the people in the military support them because they don‘t, any more than when the Democrats have political issues during the Vietnam War.

Let‘s get the politics out of the military, take care of our military people, or have our political arguments in other areas."

On Tuesday, the McCain campaign's spokesperson, Brian Rogers, sent out this statement to the press:

"If you didn't think this was a coordinated attack on John McCain's credentials before, it's clear now that it is. Barack Obama's surrogates are telling the McCain campaign to 'calm down' about attacks on his military record? Seriously? Now somehow Wes Clark's attacks are John McCain's fault? It's absurd. If Barack Obama can't control his own surrogate operation, how can he be trusted to run the country?"

When you apologize for a non-action, you validate the falsehood. How hard is that to grasp? Man, I'm getting pissed again...Alright, instead of any more "I told yo so"s, I leave you with this comment from Greg Sargent posted on Talking Points Memo:

"It's really unclear what exactly the McCain campaign is pretending to be outraged about. Whatever the wisdom of Obama's repudiation of Clark's comments, this is pretty simple: Obama doesn't stand by Clark's comments, and Clark does. Clark communicated as much to the Obama campaign.

How does this prove that Obama is 'encouraging or tolerating' the attacks? It doesn't, of course. At this point McCain advisers are simply manufacturing outrage, secure in the knowledge that they won't get called out for it. Oh, and by the way, Clark didn't 'attack' McCain's military service."

Yeah, well, good luck with that one, dude. Not with both the mainstream media and the right-wing commentators joined at the hip on this one. Jeez...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here's to You, Gen. Clark

"You can make an argument against McCain's foreign policy experience and judgment on its merits. Do it and leave this crap out of it."

- Andrew Sullivan, The's Daily Dish

It's hardly crap, Mr. Sullivan, since Sen. John McCain uses his military service record as the basis for his merits. So, is it not relevant to question how this record measures up vis a vis the presidency? Of course it is.

What pisses me off is that one of the few Dems that could make this argument without the stigma of not having served attached to it, does so respectfully and articulately. And what does Sen. Obama do? Not only does he reject Gen. Clark's statement but he plays into the Republican spin of the statement, acknowledging the supposed questioning of McCain's service, when in fact Gen. Clark was questioning how having military service automatically qualified McCain to be president. Have we become too fucking dense to see the difference?

McCain is not running on his political record, because that is one of a flip-flopping opportunist, who, in addition, had a hand in the worst savings and loan scandal ever. So, by necessity, he's running on the decorated soldier/wounded POW part of his resume. And now, it can't be questioned. Why the fuck not?!

My apologies to Gen. Clark for having questioned his mettle in the past. By speaking truth AND not backing down in the face of a manufactured, spin-doctored backlash, sir, you have demonstrated a much stronger spine than that of the Democratic nominee for the presidency. He's lucky to have you. As are we.

Is 'No Child Left Behind' Next?

Yesterday's speech was about patriotism. Today's was about appealing to religious voters. Fine. But when Sen. Obama declares, that as president, he would like to continue George W. Bush's failed and highly criticized faith-based programs, we gotta start wondering if this is the start of his testing our support for his candidacy. I mean, he dissess Gen. Clark; then the separation of church and state, by deciding to back W's out-in-the-open-funneling-of-funds to the religious groups that backed his candidacy. Frankly, we thought Obama was above that kind of bribery. Guess not.

How 'bout hiring Sean Hannity as your spokesperson, Senator?

Campaigning on the Issues: Family Values

[courtesy of Crooks and Liars.]

The Cowardly Kittens

Since I don’t interact with Chumpbots/MAGAts on any regular basis anymore I don’t find myself debating them as frequently as I used to, but ...