Friday, October 17, 2008

UPDATE: WaPo, ChiTrib, Smerconish Endorse Obama

And the endorsements keep rollin' in: The Washington Post very politely gives the Illinois senator the nod; the Chicago Tribune--which has not an endorsed a Democrat for president in its 165 year existence!--has joined the ranks of Obama endorsers; as well as conservative Philadelphia radio host, newspaper columnist and MSNBC pundit Michael Smerconish, who announced today on his radio show he has also crossed ideological lines and given his support to the Democratic candidate. (Smerconish was a Bush 41 apointee and master of ceremonies for Bush 43 in 2004.) Get ready for the backlash, Mr. S. Just ask Christopher Buckley.

[Thanks to The Divine Ms. M for the Smerconish heads up.]