Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So, THIS is What it Has Come To, huh?

The level of desperation in the McCain camp has sunk the campaign to an all-time—and very dangerous—low: the m.o. now is to imply that Sen. Obama is a terrorist. (A new GOP press release intended for campaigning in Pennsylvania is titled "Obama: A Terrorist's Best Friend".) And anyone that has seen video of recent campaign appearances by McCain and his running mate Gov. Palin can attest to that. More disturbing is the failure of either GOP candidate to chastise those in the crowd who react to the mention of Sen. Obama’s name with cries of “Terrorist!” And more ominously, “Kill him!”. (Unlike those very sweet people at the Palin rally in St. Louis that mocked Sen. Joe Biden when he choked up at last week's vice-presidential debate, while mentioning his deceased wife and daughter.)

I have ALWAYS advocated for negative campaigning, especially if your opponent throws the first punch. However, to create a climate of hatred that has the possibility of unfolding into a tragedy of volcanic proportions, is not only irresponsible for the sake of winning an election, but indeed one of the lowest, most disgusting things I've seen in politics. But McCain doesn't give a fuck. He's got an election to win. Which if he does and then happens to die in office, will leave us with George W. Bush in lipstick: another ignorant, Bible-thumping, neophyte. These are serious times. And they call for serious people. That, John McCain and Sarah Palin, are not.

But forget about the election. Sen. McCain, you better hope and pray that none of those ignorant, reactionary wingnuts, whose hatred and racism you are fuelling, ever makes a tragically stupid mistake against the Illinois senator. For you will have blood on your hands John McCain. Yes, you will.

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