Thursday, October 2, 2008

The G.O.P. Laundromat

Man, I’ve seen less spin from washing machines than what the political scene has been doling out in the last few days.

You know the GOP is deathly afraid of the outcome of this election when the party of Tom DeLay, king of voter disenfranchising and district gerrymandering, is bringing up alleged voter fraud. That’s your scam, motherfuckers! And it has been greatly benefiting you, to the detriment of the rest of us, since at least the year 2000. You guys couldn’t even get Republican Attorney Generals to do your dirty work, so you ended up firing 8 of them once they told you their investigation found no there there. And now, you’ve come back to that modern chestnut. How sad.

Meanwhile, the McCain camp is hedging their bets by implying possible bias on the part of tonight’s moderator for the Vice-Presidential debate, Gwen Ifill, due to her book on post-civil rights African-American achievement which features Sen. Barack Obama as one of the tome’s main subjects. This, of course, serves two purposes: to make Ifill overly self-conscious, so as not to be accused of bias, possibly letting her guard down, and failing to be as inquisitive as necessary; and to provide cover for Gov. Sarah Palin’s possible lackluster showing in the debate. Not to mention—aided and abetted by the mainstream press—shuffling the victim card to the top of the deck, creating an over-charged atmosphere where Democratic VP candidate Sen. Joe Biden is supposed to be measured and careful not to humiliate Palin and alienate potential voters. Nonsense.

Biden needs to be precise, concise and not let up. Gov. Palin described herself as a pit-bull with lipstick, and she’s made it clear she considers herself a tough cookie, so let it rip, then. I’m sure she can handle the heat. But she probably doesn’t know where the off switch is. One thing is certain, however: if all of a sudden Palin starts giving uncharacteristically eloquent, knowledgeable responses as never before, then “the hump” has reared its ugly head.

Remember how George W. Bush was thought to have been wired up and coached live during his debates? Gotham Notes does. And he fears it may happen again with Palin. Somebody better pat her down. Seriously.

Good luck to us all tonight.

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