Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sowing the Seeds of Ignorance, Reaping the Fruits of Hate

This is what the McCain campaign is working towards: below is video from a McCain/Palin rally in Ohio--kudos to Blogger Interrupted--in which quite a few participants acknowledge their belief in Sen. Barack Obama being a terrorist. With little or nothing to substantiate it, but they believe it, nonetheless. Incredible.

In terms of an end political result it doesn't really matter what these folks think: true undecideds and independents are not going to be swayed by bullshit innuendo. They've increasingly shown in the polls a strong desire to know what the candidates are actually going to do to fix this mess we find our country in, and are not falling for the vague, empty promises John McCain has been doling out. But this video is a stark reminder of the level of manipulation the GOP traffics in, knowingly exploiting fears and prejudices, racial and otherwise. Let's cross our fingers it doesn't get past this.

Oh, and there's now a special place in hell for you, too, Sen. McCain.

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