Thursday, October 16, 2008

Northern Pride (takes a southern turn)

[photo by Getty Images North America]

As a native of one of the original 13 states and fan of the baseball team that calls The Bronx home, I am both a yankee and a Yankees supporter. So, despite that, it gives me great joy to see the scrappy upstarts known as the Tampa Bay Rays trounce the defending World Series champion Boston Red Sox. Politically speaking, the positions and loyalties of the people from Beantown--and Massachussets itself--are for the most part unimpeachable, but when it comes to the American pastime I draw the line. I sincerely wish--for reasons both petty and noble--the young Floridians not only beat the Red Sox but take home the title in this year's fall classic, as well.

Interestingly, if the Rays win, they will face a team from another northeastern city from the original 13 colonies with a rich historical tradition: the Philiadelphia Phillies. But only in this narrow case--and only under these particular circumstances--you'll hear me say I'm hoping the South will rise again.

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