Thursday, October 9, 2008

RFK Jr. Wants to Know: MSM, Why Not Talk About Palin and Alaskan Secessionists?

Like me--and hopefully many, many others--environmental activist/former NYC assistant DA, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants to know why the media continues to entertain the Republican swiftboating of Barack Obama with these tired, disingenuous links to William Ayers, but fails to mention A WORD of Todd and Sarah Palin's treasonous ties to the secessionist Alaska Independence Party.


Somebody? Anybody?

Is it that we live among hordes of anti-American secessionists that would not be swayed by this argument? Does the Obama campaign think that instead of patriotic indignation these people would probably greet the Palin's former party's platform with a resounding "Hell, yeah!" to punctuate their approval? Then, I've gotta ask, what kind of country is this? And why would anyone want to run for its offices if not to plunder is coffers, if it's that soulless?

I am dumbfounded...

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