Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Sorry. I Tried.

Last year, I was involved in a political discussion with a fellow NYer who pledged never to support a Republican no matter how seemingly open-minded they may come across. Her argument was based on the fact that these people pander to us while in our midst, only to turn their backs on their positions as soon as they need to cozy up on a national level to the extremists of their party's base. At the time I sounded a call for tolerance but after witnessing the antics in recent times of the likes of Rudy Guiliani and Mitt Romney--the former, especially--I find myself conceding her point.

So, you win this time, crazy, curly-haried, redheaded woman. Ha!

Duh: Stephen Miller Behind Border Family Separations

If you're surprised senior White House advisor and all-around magnificent PoS Stephen Miller is the key figure behind the administration...