Friday, June 12, 2009

The Turning Point

Michael Rowe recalls the moment when we were made aware of the feelings at the root of all of this recent right-wing hysteria and domestic terrorism:

At a town hall meeting, McCain was confronted by an elderly woman who told McCain that she was a supporter of his because Obama was "an Arab." McCain was clearly uncomfortable, and it was patently obvious why. It had nothing to do with McCain's feelings about Arabs. It had to do with an old-school Republican accidentally moving the rock, and coming face to face with what actually lived beneath it.

By the way, "liberal Hollywood" with its movies and video games are guilty of so much, but hate-spewing, wingnut gasbags are beyond reproach, right? And Jon Voight speaking his mind is a concerned citizen, but Matt Damon doing the same is just an actor, right? Fucking hypocrites.

(I can't believe I just came to bat for an avowed Red Sox fan; talk about politics and strange bedfellows...)

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