Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bronx Cheer

Beleaguered pitcher Chien-Ming Wang wasn't that great in Wednesday night's 3-2 loss to the Washington Nationals, which led many dismayed Yankee fans to invoke monumental hyperbole and compare this defeat to the Yankees 0-8 record against the detested Boston Red Sox this season. Good grief.

People, please: NOTHING compares to being defeated by the Sux. Every single game against that team should be played/managed like a playoff game, even in April. It means that much on so many levels. Yes, the Nats are the worst team in baseball, but they're not 0-63, just 17-46, so they gotta win sometime. (One out of every three, actually.) Unfortunately, it was the Yankees they beat on Wed. night. Whatever.

I'm not asking rhetorically, but what should Yankee management do with a guy who, before his mid-season injury last year, won 46 games in 2.5 seasons? Dump him? Wang was the Yankee ace in '06, '07, and '08; and now, after not completely regaining his past form this season, we're all ready to write him off? Let's get a grip, OK?

David Ortiz is having a HORRENDOUS season. So what are the Sux fans doing? Staying in his corner and showering him with support. Meanwhile, Yankee fans are ready to give up on Wang; and A-Rod, who's batting like Babe Ruth compared to Ortiz, is starting to hear boos in the Bronx.

Bottom line: not only are the Sux the better team this year, but when it comes to supporting their players, they have the better fans. THAT, pains me as much--if not more--as having lost 8 games in a row from the Sux.