Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enough Already!

It's been a week since the New York Yankees lost 2 of a 3-game series at home vs the Washington Nationals, whose win-loss record makes them the undisputed worst team in Major League Baseball, and both the NY fans and the local sports media won't shut up about the Yankees losses to them. People, it happens. Teams lose. And yes, even to inferior ones.

How 'bout some logic: if the Nats are the worst in the majors, then everyone else is better than them, obviously. Therefore, anyone who loses to the Nats, lost to the worst team. And since the Nats are not, say, 3-65 but actually 20-48, a bunch of teams have lost to them. Including the Toronto Blue Jays who lost the next two Nats games immediately after the two the DC team won from the Yankees, which gave the Nats a 4-game winning streak.

Here's a list of teams beaten by the Nats this year, in chronological order:


(* series won by the Nats)

Not only does that list include the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies, but a couple of contenders, as well. And the rest...well, they're all better than the Nats, remember?

I'm not excusing the Yankees' undeniably poor performance in the aforementioned series; it was a desultory affair to say the least.
But to harp on this incessantly, to the point of eclipsing a really troublesome stat--the Bombers are 0-8 vs the rival Red Sux this season--is ludicrous and borders on hysteria.

So, give it a rest already. Jeez...

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