Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The 'L' Word

Next time someone parrots at you the "liberal Hollywood" meme,
you might want to bring up the following 40, who are not exactly joining Martin Sheen at his next protest:

Danny Aiello
Scott Baio
Stephen Baldwin
Dean Cain
Drew Carey
Dixie Carter
Alice Cooper
Jon Cryer
Tony Danza
Bo Derek
Shannen Doherty
Robert Duvall
Clint Eastwood
50 Cent
Dennis Franz
Andy Garcia
Sarah Michelle Geller
Kelsey Grammer
Angie Harmon
Patricia Heaton
Dennis Hopper (!)
Rachel Hunter
James Earl Jones
Nick Lachey
Heather Locklear
Susan Lucci
Meat Loaf
Dennis Miller
Wayne Newton
Chuck Norris
The Rock
Kid Rock
Adam Sandler
Rick Schroeder
Tom Selleck
Jessica Simpson
Sylvester Stallone
Jon Voight
Bruce Willis
James Woods

And if you think some of these aren't big enough names, ask yourself if the loathsome and pathetic Kathy Griffin wouldn't trade careers with them in a heartbeat.

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