Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nip it in the Bud (no pun intended)

My dear friend Mrs. L's dad got sent some benign pro-Cindy McCain/anti-Michelle Obama propaganda via e-mail recently, which he forwarded to her to get an opinion. After glowingly going over her bio in a pseudo resume style, the email ends with "And most important---She has always been proud of her country!!!!"

Mrs. L's response, I will now share with you:

"What this does not include is how John McCain after returning from Vietnam found his first wife disabled from a car accident and three weeks later ditched her and hooked up with the breathtaking blonde in this article. No one is saying there’s anything false in this article but it’s strange this woman hasn’t spoken up....Michelle Obama can stand before any audience and speak of various weighty topics. Her dad was a humble, hardworking man who didn’t have a multi-million dollar company to give her to run (even if she was capable).

And that much-admired Republican Party? In 2000 one of Karl Rove’s strategies for Bush’s win over McCain in the South was to spread the rumor of the adopted daughter…being the illegitimate fruit of his affair with a black woman. You can imagine how bitter that fruit must’ve tasted to southern racists!

Cindy McCain is a rich, privileged, southern blonde, that has never had to ask herself if she’s proud of our country. As they say here, 'it's like comparing apples to oranges'. Much more inspirational to me is how FAR Michelle Obama has come from where she came from...than what Cindy McCain has done with the privileges she was born with

Um, yeah.

Happy Juneteenth!