Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here's to You, Gen. Clark

"You can make an argument against McCain's foreign policy experience and judgment on its merits. Do it and leave this crap out of it."

- Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic.com's Daily Dish

It's hardly crap, Mr. Sullivan, since Sen. John McCain uses his military service record as the basis for his merits. So, is it not relevant to question how this record measures up vis a vis the presidency? Of course it is.

What pisses me off is that one of the few Dems that could make this argument without the stigma of not having served attached to it, does so respectfully and articulately. And what does Sen. Obama do? Not only does he reject Gen. Clark's statement but he plays into the Republican spin of the statement, acknowledging the supposed questioning of McCain's service, when in fact Gen. Clark was questioning how having military service automatically qualified McCain to be president. Have we become too fucking dense to see the difference?

McCain is not running on his political record, because that is one of a flip-flopping opportunist, who, in addition, had a hand in the worst savings and loan scandal ever. So, by necessity, he's running on the decorated soldier/wounded POW part of his resume. And now, it can't be questioned. Why the fuck not?!

My apologies to Gen. Clark for having questioned his mettle in the past. By speaking truth AND not backing down in the face of a manufactured, spin-doctored backlash, sir, you have demonstrated a much stronger spine than that of the Democratic nominee for the presidency. He's lucky to have you. As are we.

Happy Juneteenth!