Thursday, July 17, 2008

Former AG John Ashcroft in His Own Words

"...information received from the use of enhanced interrogation techniques...exceeded the value of information that was received from all other sources."

"...I believe a report of waterboarding would be serious, but I do not believe it would define torture...the Department of Justice has on a consistent basis over the last half-dozen years or so, over and over again in its evaluations, come to the conclusion that under the law in existence during my time as attorney general, waterboarding did not constitute torture." - 7/17/08

And there you have it. Did you expect different? Are you gonna now tell me you're waiting for Karl Rove to comply with that subpoena or Dick Cheney to pony up his notes from those secret energy policy meetings? Please. Not when the Dems are not even to close to the level of ruthlessness of sweet little kitty cats.

Trump Is The Embodiment of White Privilege

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