Sunday, June 17, 2018

Of Rats and Men or Thanks, Comey

In the end, Trump’s ill treatment of James Comey, despite it now being confirmed via the recent investigation and report by the DoJ’s Inspector General, that the former FBI director actually helped Trump win the presidency with his “insubordinate” actions, is both karmic and ironic. But that’s feeble consolation when the end result is Mango Mussolini in power.

Charles P. Pierce touches upon the report in Esquire:
“But, by and large, the report’s most basic implicit conclusion—that Comey’s blundering at least played a role in installing the current administration*—is so clear and irrefutable that it seems that the president*’s defenders are caught between giving the report a good leaving alone and clumsily attempting to use its findings to discredit Robert Mueller’s investigation, a lie so stupendous that the president* couldn’t wait to use it Friday morning.” 
But there's also the repercussions brought about by the actions of the corrupt slush fund otherwise known as the Trump Foundation:
"[The Trump Foundation malfeasance] was reported at the time by David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post, who eventually won a Pulitzer Prize for his work. Yet, in the campaign coverage, the sense of unreality was virtually unshakable. A political campaign, functioning as an allegedly genuinely corrupt criminal enterprise, and aided and abetted by a seedy network of ratfckers and bagmen from across the pond, was forcing the American political establishment, and especially its elite political press, to cover it according to the rules that the criminal enterprise established for itself." 
To compare these people to sewer rats is to malign the actual rodents.

[Esquire: This Nation Is Politically Deranged]

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