Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why Was O'Reilly on Centerstage?

This week, Fox Noise's Bill O'Reilly was the first guest of the new season of the YES network's Centerstage with Michael Kay. Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that guests were culled form the world of entertainment and sports--that's what the "e" and "s" in the network's name stand for. I don't recall ever seeing a political pundit/commentator on the show. So, why was Mr. Falafel on there? Does it has to do with Fox--particularly its business channel--advertising heavily on the network? The Yankees and YES-owning Steinbrenner family's political inclinations, perhaps?

It's a well-known fact The Boss is a die-hard Republican who got in trouble for some Nixon-related shenanigans years ago. According to Wikipedia, "...he was indicted on 14 criminal counts on April 5, 1974, then pleaded guilty to making illegal contributions to Nixon's re-election campaign and a felony charge of obstruction of justice on August 23. Steinbrenner was personally fined $15,000, while his firm was assessed $20,000 for the offense...U.S. President Ronald Reagan pardoned Steinbrenner on January 19, 1989, in one of the final acts of his presidency."

Is politics seeping into the editorial room over at YES? And, all personal bias aside, if they were going down the political punditry/commentator route, wouldn't Keith Olbermann have been a better option, having been a sportscaster for most of his professional life, and thus more in tune with the show's other choices in guests? (Olbermann is actually a friend of Kay's.)

I's hard enough being a liberal and a Yankee fan. Anyway...