Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sugarcoating the Confederacy

Truly, we liberals and Northerners are such pansies: nowhere else in the world would a treasonous and immoral endeavor--seceding from the country in order to continue the enterprise of slavery--be allowed to reinvent itself through blatant historic revisionism as regional pride;
its leaders and symbols proudly and publicly displayed. Once again, these folks committed TREASON, not some minor faux pas. And yet,
a decade into the 21st century they're ballsy enough to have a Virginia governor issuing a proclamation declaring April, "Confederate History Month" and omitting the wicked evil that was slavery in the process.
All that blood spilled for this?

And what did we get for keeping them in the Union? Eternal derision. They, on the other hand, get a huge chunk of our tax dollars. How's that working out for ya, liberal elite? Let's try this: next time these folks want to break off from our Union, what do you say we let them, huh? No wonder this guy was SO pissed.

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