Friday, April 2, 2010

Stewart Rags on CNN (yet again)

It's bad enough that conservatives have poisoned the well of reasonable political discourse by forever engraving the bogus "liberal media" meme into the conversation. But it's even worse when CNN gives credence to it by nervously hiring a known conservative firebrand--and in the process, pulling a McCain and not vetting the guy properly--thereby legitimizing the disingenuous conservative argument.

I get that their ratings have slipped incredibly, and the folks over there have a reason to be concerned, but c'mon. Are they trying to dig up their own version of Glenn Beck? Please. This would be an ideal time for CNN to truly become an impartial editorial observer and not a Hollywood casting agent looking to find a similar hot property to the one the other studio had a blockbuster hit with.'s Jon Stewart's take on CNN's hiring of RedState blogger Erick Erickson (btw, the Larry King/Snoop Dogg sitcom would be awesome!):

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