Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WTF?! (Yankees edition)

- The Yankees have signed switch-hitting OF Randy Winn, to ostensibly platoon with Brett Gardner in LF, which means the hopes of those of us wishing to see Johnny Damon in the Bronx this season have been dashed. Fuck.

Winn, who hit for the interstate against LH pitching last season while on the SF Giants (more than 100 points less than Gardner!), was obtained for 1 yr @ $2m. This is what they got in lieu of Johnny?! (Excuse me while I get a get a towel to soak up the blood from my furious head-scratching.)

- David Cone has left the YES Network; ESPN is interested but word is he might take a position with the MLB Players Association. Btw, the split, allegedly, was not amicable. Tino Martinez is said to be taking his place in the booth.