Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama's First State of the Union Address

I liked the SOTU speech; it reminded me of why I voted for him. But Obama's lack of leadership and too much delegation when he needed to roll up his own sleeves and get dirty this past year, have left me in let's-wait-and-see mode. That said, here are the 5 parts of the speech (in no particular order) that most stood out for me:

- Tagged the Dems in Congress as cowards: SWEET

- Called out SCOTUS on their decision enabling corporations to spend unlimited loot buying politicians--I mean, on political campaigns: SWEET

- Harped on bipartisanship: BITTERSWEET [hitting my head against the wall]

- Praised Ronald Reagan: BITTER (What's the point? The folks that are swayed by it are quite few and the Republicans won't give you points for it, so why bring him up?)

- Labeled the GOP as party of "no"; reminded folks of how they brought on the failures of the past 8 years and our continued economic problems; pointedly asked 'em to cough a better plan for healthcare reform, if they have one, etc: DELICIOUS

- Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) sitting together and being later called in the press "the axis of weasels": SWEET


  1. It seems you forgot who was in power during 6 of the 8 years of the Bush administration.

    Yes in fact is was the Liberal DEMOCRATS! They had total control of the House and the Senate!

    It would be nice if just once the Liberal elite would quit Blaming Bush when it was the liberals who are the true culprits.

    Bush could not wipe his rear without congressional permission! Which he rarely got.

    Now, Bush may not have been the most intelligent President we have had. But, he was certainly not the worst either (Carter and LBJ come to mind both DEMOCRATS!)

    My whole point here is that the Democrats approved EVERYTHING that has brought us to the condition we are now in!

    How about stopping the blame and bashing game. Why not focus on the issues at hand and find solutions for the current spot we are in.

    It would seem to be a far more productive use of our resources and time.

    John J. Franks IV

  2. Yes, that horrible LBJ and his Civil Rights Act and plans for a Great Society...traitor!

    Think about this and get back to me JJF IV: when the GOP and conservatives stop historically opposing EVERY SINGLE legislation and/or entitlement meant to help people, we can start placing equal blame. OK?