Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Johnny Was

With baseball's Spring Training mere weeks away I've been thinking about the Johnny Damon-Yankees stalemate. People have been quick to judge him, especially since he is represented by the much loathed Scott Boras.

But if it's true that Damon was willing to come back to The Bronx with a 30% salary cut (from $13m/yr to $10m) but the Yankees offered a 50% cut ($6-$7m/yr) after he had a career year and was a pivotal part of the 2009 championship team, then shame on the Yankees. I know it's a business but that's just disgraceful. And bad karma, too.

As for Brett Gardner in LF on Opening Day, well, Cody Ransom really worked out too, huh? Yeah, I'm exaggerating--but not by much. Bottom line: Brett Gardner is not an everyday-caliber player. Not in The Bronx, anyway.