Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanks for Sarah Palin, John McCain

Seeing the once-obscure beauty queen-turned Alaska governor-turned GOP vice-presidential candidate, become the equivalent of an embarrassing relative that won't go away--we're starting to get a clue as to how mortified Jimmy Carter must've felt about brother Billy, as well as Bill Clinton regarding younger sibling Roger--we're reminded of the opening line of Stephen Thomas Erlewine's All Music Guide review of Kevin Federline's debut--and hopefully his last--album, Playing with Fire, which castigates K-Fed's then-wife Britney Spears and which we'd like to paraphrase here for you:

One day, either in this life or the next, John McCain will have to atone for unleashing Sarah Palin upon the world.



  1. Palin is a great source of entertainment, all of us can clearly see that she is not even capable of running her own house, but in her head she sees herself as America's future.

  2. I especially like how, as a big believer in abstinence for teenagers, Palin got all up in arms when it was pointed out how she failed to keep her own daughter from abstaining.

    I'll tell you this: if Obama would've had a teenage daughter made pregnant by a self-professed 'hood rat, there's no way in hell he gets his party's nomination.