Friday, November 27, 2009

The Essence of Sarah Palin

Xmastime boils it down:
Palin could say that 2+ 2 is 5. And instead of saying "actually, that's wrong," her fans wait for someone in the elitist, left-wing media to point out she's wrong (ie "sending in the attack dogs"), and then go BANANAS about "their Sarah" being shredded by a biased, unfair media that hates working moms, babies being born and not aborted, and freedom...this is her/their rocket fuel.

It's not something to take very seriously, since her supporters will always be counted as no more than people who see in her rugged disinterest in intellectualism the heir abhorrent to Bush
(oh, I'd LOVE to have a beer with her! "drink this, sleepy...") plus the people that vote purely by who's winning the Victim Olympics.

Yeah, she's the female W. (But at least he liked brown people.)

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