Monday, November 30, 2009

Hispanics On Board with Health Care Reform

According to NYC's oldest Spanish-language newspaper, El Diario, Hispanics nationwide amply support President Obama's bid for health care reform.

[A] poll...conducted in the middle of the congressional healthcare reform debate, in the days before and after passage of the House version of health care reform (on November 7th) and before the Senate bill was introduced...found that 61% of voting Latinos support the idea that the federal government must insure universal health care, even if it requires a tax increase.

About 28% want to keep the current system and only 6% see other options. High levels of support for universal health care are found in all states, including Florida, where the Latino population has traditionally included more Republicans and conservatives, particularly among Cuban Americans.

Nevertheless, a majority of Latinos in all states support universal health care: these include 63% in California, 59% in Florida, 69% in New York and 51% in Texas.

Overall, nationwide support among this segment of the population is at 61%. Not surprised my brown folks feel that way, but I'm pleased, nonetheless. Let's hope this poll is indicative of a positive outcome for health care reform.

Happy Juneteenth!