Saturday, November 7, 2009

GOP Hypocrisy: Because they Can

I was going to respond to Xmastime's post "A Modest Proposal"—inspired by former GOP presidential candidate Tom Tancredo's being outed on The Ed Show by The Daily Kos' Markos Moulitsas—but as it got longer I decided to post here instead.
Here's X's post:

This is what drives me crazy about the stupidity of Congressmen et al allowing themselves to drown in their own hypocrisy. For instance, Tom Tancredo KNOWS he got a deferment for Vietnam while supporting it, and he KNOWS that in today's internet age someone might find that out in about 3 seconds. So you'd think he's be smart enough to think "maybe I shouldn't be the guy to go on tv and talk about what's good for veterans."

Meanwhile, we can't go a year without some politician getting busted for having a gay lover despite the fact that he's been at the forefront of the "Fags are gonna ruin America and they all will burn in hell!!!!" crowd. It's always the squeakiest wheel that gets the cocoa butter, isn't it? Now, can't two politicians such as these get together and "trade" their causes, therein giving the same quantity of representation to those causes, but not setting themselves up for the inevitable exposure of hypocrisy?

They should have an "Issues Fantasy League Draft" scenario. Or, better, a sort of general manager trades meeting. "Senator A has been cheating on his wife, so he'll trade his FAMILY VALUES platform to Senator B, who is a great family man but got outta Vietnam via a rich uncle, so he's swapping with Senator A, who served brilliantly in Vietnam."

I mean for chrissake guys, meet in the backroom of a Rob's Big Boy, sort this shit out and try to fool us.

It's not that they think people won't find out the truth—as in Tancredo's case—it's that GOP politicians believe they can get away it. And they do. All the time!

Look at Dick Cheney's 7 Vietnam deferments—because he had "better things to do"—and tell me if he caught shit for it. No, of course not.

Everyone and their pet caterpillar knows Oliver North should be making license plates at Leavenworth, yet this asshole gets to make judgments on either people's patriotism and respect for the laws of this country.

And what about the Republican governors that railed against the stimulus and vowed not to take a penny? They took the money, anyway, and now the scumbags have the balls to tout their accomplishments with that cash and frame it as "see how good things happen when we let the states do their thing and keep the federal govt out of it" and STILL decry the stimulus aid!

Or how about, Joe—“You Lie!”—Wilson who blames the president for the availability of swine flu vaccine that Wilson himself VOTED AGAINST SPENDING MONEY ON. (Oh, wait—now he cares because his wife is sick. Before he could give 2 shits. Another example of a Classic Republican: I don’t give fuck about [fill in the blank] until it’s one of my own that’s afflicted.)


So many of these assholes get away with shit, that the likes of Tancredo figure they'll succeed at it, too. And they will, because the press is afraid of asking those questions, otherwise they'll get tagged as part of "the liberal media". And the ones that do, get smeared by hypocritical clowns like Bill O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg, who never waste an opportunity to feed more red meat to their base.

But let's not leave out the wilful ignorance of the Republican voters in all of this. For instance, how an honorable, decorated soldier could respect someone who belittles his work—what else does "having better things to do" imply?—baffles the mind. Or how a bunch of hard-hit, working and middle class folks can support a party that, above all, is neglecting them, while constantly looking to give breaks to the rich? That's what fuels these politicians' impetus to do stupid shit like what Tancredo tried to pull off—the base will eat it up, regardless.

In the end—and pardon the hyperbole—I'm more afraid of these nutty Sarah Palin-lovin' folks than I am of Al-Qaeda. Why? Both are trying to fuck this country up but at least somebody's trying to stop the latter. There's always been scores of birther/teabagger/lunatic-types. But now, they feel more emboldened than ever before. Scary.