Monday, November 10, 2008

A Word of Praise for Dean

Beginning with the 2006 Democratic victories in Congress and the 2008 presidential election, the 50-state strategy espoused and set forth by Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean, has borne delicious fruit. Many criticized the former Gov of Vermont when he took the reigns of the party in 2004 and put in motion his continental tactics for victory, instead of concentrating on strongholds or close races. Dean had a vision of making the party competitive in every state; sure, he wouldn’t reach that goal—Texas will never turn blue, for instance—but in the process, ground was gained in other states where a loss for the Dems had been a foregone conclusion. (Barack Obama owes Virginia and North Carolina to Dean’s 50-pronged approach.)

So, as he prepares to step down in January, as a grateful Democrat I’d like to propose a toast to Gov. Dean, in appreciation for all his hard work in helping the party arrive at the sweet destination to which the road to victory leads.

Cheers, sir. And many thanks.

(How ‘bout a cabinet post for the Gov, Mr. President-Elect?)

Happy Juneteenth!