Friday, November 7, 2008

The GOP Civil War: It's On!

As we posted a few weeks ago, a loss by John McCain in the presidential election was sure to bring out the knives. Well, by the looks at things at right-wing blogs like Red State or the recent pronouncement of the likes of Michelle Malkin, the sharpeners are getting a workout.

Both the aforementioned blog and pundit are spreading the gospel of utilizing GOP criticism of Gov. Sarah Palin as the litmus test for outing and making pariahs of those within the party that chose not to drink the moose-flavored, Alaskan Kool-Aid.

This effort is called Operation Leper and they're naming names. Their initial list?
  1. Nicolle Wallace
  2. Steve Schmidt
  3. Mark McKinnon
The wingnut faithful have many more to add and want it known they "are rooting for Sarah Palin. Don't make us add you to our list. Do you really want to be next to Kathleen Parker in the leper colony?"

CNN's Campbell Brown joins in the fun by defending Palin and taking McCain's top aides to task:

By the way, the internal trashing of John McCain by the hard right has also begun. (Not surprising considering 60% of the base had nothing good to say about the initial 10 GOP candidates in the primaries.) Mitt Romney is next.
(They have beef with Faux News (!) for a perceived bias towards Romney. Huh?)

So, do they really wanna go down this road? (If you read the rabid, practically unanimous comments on some of these wingnut blogs, apparently the answer is a resounding yes.) Do they really want to remain oblivious to the lessons learned on Nov. 4th? Namely, that the American people want to move away from blind ignorance, incompetence, religious strong-arming and intolerance?

Fine by me: it'll be a Democratic majority for a loooong time, then.

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