Wednesday, November 5, 2008


"MaCCA’s final speech was fucking awesome…How come he never spoke like that before and chose to be so weird. People."

Mainly because Sen. McCain was constrained by his own party. The hard right NEVER supported him until he chose one of their own--against his wishes--as his running mate. That's why he turned his back on many of the principles he'd stood for in the past. It was a quest to win with a playbook he was never really comfortable with. (Let's not forget that when the GOP had 10 candidates in the primaries, 60% of the Republican base was not partial to ANY of them.)

But...he made those choices and has to live with them. I'm guessing that's why in his acceptance speech last night he put the blame for the loss solely on his shoulders.

To be fair, it was going to be very difficult for a candidate of the incumbent party to win with the failed policies of the current administration weighing on his candidacy (and his approval of most of them). Add the explosion of the mortgage crisis and the financial meltdown towards the end of the campaign and you have nothing less than a recipe for defeat.

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