Saturday, November 1, 2008

What if...

During the 2004 election I hoped John Kerry would emerge victorious. This time I can feel the tide turning Barack Obama's way on Nov. 4th. But, regardless, there's a possibility that John McCain may become the 44th president of the United States. Granted, it seems this won't be the case, but it's not in the bag just yet. But, what if?

John McCain was someone who I mostly disagreed with but always respected. I was really disgusted when they smeared him and his family during the GOP primaries in 2000. But this latest incarnation is not the man who held my respect back then. So sad.

Having said that, if he were to win the presidency, I would hope that what we've seen and heard from him of late was just some cynical ploy to win the election, and that he'd revert back to who he was, once in office.

And Sarah Palin would go back to Alaska on account of some "undisclosed family emergency" and McCain would invoke the 25th Amendment to name a new VP.


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