Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Differences Between Us

"[W]e now know that John McCain wears $520 shoes, owns an obscene number of homes (variously placed at seven to 10) and has probably never written a check to a utility company or a home contractor or a dentist in at least 26 years (since he married La Hensley). And Saturday we learned that he thinks someone with a net worth of only $4.9 million is not rich. He can be painted as – and indeed is – out of touch with what regular Americans go through every day.

If he were the Democrat, everyone in America would know the above. The Republicans would have run ads featuring those Ferragamo loafers and aerial photographs of the seven, eight, nine or 10 houses. For good measure, the script of these ads would have cleverly made sure that viewers knew that this emasculated sissy-man didn't earn a penny of the fortune that purchased all this. He married it!

Can't do that to McCain because he's a war hero? Nonsense. It was done to John Kerry. He was a war hero. In fact, Kerry, we can safely assume based on the things I've read, killed more men in a face-to-face way than McCain ever did. That's arguably more manly than even surviving five years' torture. It can be done to anyone."

- Michael Tomasky's blog at The Guardian [h/t Unconquerable Gladness]

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