Thursday, August 28, 2008

Carnivores Welcome: DNC Day 3

With powerful, clear cut, unambiguous indictments of John McCain and the Bush administration in every aspect of their policies and judgement calls, and ringing endorsements of the presidential nominee, Sen. John Kerry, (former) Pres. Bill Clinton, Delaware senator and VP nominee Joe Biden gave the Democratic faithful on Wednesday night, a taste of what Arianna Huffington called "a heaping...serving of the red meat that has been sorely missing from the convention menu this week." Damn straight.

While the above Huffington quote is specific to her take on Biden's time on the podium--which I wholeheartedly agree with--it was the former president's speech that got to me on a personal level. Despite my qualms about Bill Clinton, past and present, his presence on the podium last night, within the context of our current reality, took me on a nostalgic ride: a reminder of a decade when my country was powerful, respected, righteous and prosperous.

Sen. Joe Biden accepts the VP nomination: "McCain was wrong and Obama was right."

Sen. John Kerry: "Democrats will not be 'swiftboated' this time."

"To those who still believe in the myth of a maverick instead of the reality of a politician, I say let’s compare Senator McCain to Candidate McCain.

Candidate McCain now supports the very wartime tax cuts that Senator McCain once called irresponsible. Candidate McCain criticizes Senator McCain’s own climate change bill. Candidate McCain says he would vote against the immigration bill that Senator McCain wrote.

Are you kidding me, folks?

Before he ever debates Barack Obama, he should finish the debate with himself.”

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