Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack."

Democratic strategist and former Sen. Clinton supporter Paul Begala wrote in the Huffington Post Tuesday morning about how his party's speakers at the DNC need to go on the offensive and "show McCain to be the Bush clone that he is".

Touching upon party unity and how he himself immediately joined the Obama ranks once the Illinois senator became the Democratic nominee, Begala warns that without a combined "all-out assault on the ruinous Bush-McCain policies", the Dems will lose come November.

"I was for Hillary in the primaries, but when she endorsed Sen. Obama, I proudly sent him a check for the legal maximum. On the memo line of the check I wrote, 'FOR NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNING ONLY.' No matter what minor difference Hillary and Barack had, they pale in comparison to the corruption, incompetence, dishonesty and criminality of the Bush-McCain Republicans."

Amen, brother.

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