Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obama Commits to Afghanistan Troop Surge

It's been interesting to see how reactions to the President's speech have played out: dismay from the liberal/progressive camp at not pulling out of Afghanistan altogether and instead furthering our military commitment; while over at Faux News, a lack of passion in his speech, was the meme. Bill O'Reilly went so far as to absurdly show a clip, not of Gen. Patton, but of George C. Scott playing Patton (!) in an effort to make a derisive comparison.

Damn, no wonder Keith Olbermann calls him "BillO the Clown".

But they did hit the nail on the head in Murdochland: this surge is a lose-lose situation politically, for the President: his supporters don't like it, and the people who do, will never give him proper credit.
In other words, he has Michael Moore criticizing him and Sarah Palin begrudgingly giving her tenuous support. That can't be good.

Happy Juneteenth!