Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yankees Update

Since we're in December you may have temporarily forgotten about baseball. As for the 2009 World Champion New York Yankees--music to my ears, yes--well, this is what's gone down in the last few days:

- Hideki Matsui is now a Halo
Fuck! Did not want to see him go. Damn it!

- Chien-Ming Wang is officially a free agent
By coincidence he was on the mound for most of the games I went to during his tenure in pinstripes, including the best pitching duel I've ever seen in person. Also sorry to see him go. (He might resurface in Flushing, according to rumors.)

- Curtis Granderson is the new Yankees CF
Melky Cabrera is in LF until further notice. (The Yanks are offering Johnny Damon $9M/yr for 2 seasons; his agent, Scott Boras, is yapping about wanting $13M/yr for 3 seasons. Not gonna happen.)

- Jason Bay has been approached by the Bronx brass
If a deal materializes--much to the chagrin of the Mets, who could REALLY use him--Johnny D would then become the official DH and occasional LF. If he comes back, that is. (But with Matsui gone, that becomes a bigger possibility.)

- A-Rod and Kate Hudson have broken up
There goes our other MVP. Please don't leave, Kate: you were the good luck charm. (So was Eric Hinske, for that matter.)

+ + + + +

- Meanwhile, Roy Halladay is joining the Phillies; Cliff Lee is now a Mariner; and in Boston, the Sux have acquired P John Lackey and OF Mike Cameron.

Oh, and yeah: pitchers and catchers report in 60 days. Can't wait...

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