Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jon Stewart on Swiss Minaret Ban

This past week on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart showed a clip of one Walter Wobmann, president of the "Yes for Ban of Minarets" committee, who stated:
"Minarets are the beginning of Islamization. The second step will be the call to prayer. The third step will be Sharia law. Here in Switzerland we don't want that."

To which Stewart retorted:
"Really? From four minarets to Sharia law in 2 moves? Really? Let me take you down the other side of that slippery slope: Banning houses of worship is the first step of ethnic cleansing. Boom! I did it in one move!"


Oh, and for the record, Muslims account for 4% of the Swiss population, with a grand total of four minarets in the entire country. Yup, it's a slippery slope all right.

Btw, I bet the mayor of Arlington, TN agrees with Mr. Wobmann.

Happy Juneteenth!