Daddy Yankees: Welcome Back, Pedro

[courtesy of the NY Daily News]

Thursday night at The Bronx, in Game 2 of the Yankees-Phillies 2009 World Series, AJ Burnett [above] faced 26 batters, threw first-pitch strikes to 21 of them, and allowed only 1 earned run in 7 innings, while striking out 9.

Oh, and yeah, Mo got a 6 out save, for his record 10th in World Series play. (And his 38th overall in the post-season.) Final score: Yankees 3, Phillies 1. (Wasn't Pedro supposed to spank the Yankees?)

Btw, the Phillies lost this game on the anniversary of their clinching the World Series last year. Hmm...

Series tied at one game apiece; Game 3 in Philly on Saturday night. Yankees will send Andy Pettite to the mound, while Cole Hamels will start for the Phillies.

(Oh, and about Jimmy Rollins' prediction: yes, it could happen.
But, the last Yankee rival who made a World Series "in 5" boast was Benny Agbayani of the Mets in 2000. And we all know how that turned out.)


  1. Dude: Pedro pitched lights out last night, too. I wanted the Mets to re-sign him last spring training. But, nooooo, we had Ollie...

    With his arm troubles, he had no business pitching into the 7th. That was pushing it, Charlie... But, 2 ER in 6 innings in Game 2 of the WS?? Who wouldn't take that after what he's been through?

    Are you kidding me? That's fabulous!

    A. J. just pitched better, that's all. So, kudos to him.

    It was a pitchers' duel in the Homerama! You can't beat that with a stick.

  2. As much as it begrudges me to admit it, Pedro did pitch quite a good game. The tone of my commentary stems from the prodding I got from Yankee haters who, in anticipation of the game, incessantly carried on about Pedro humiliating the Yankees. And when it didn't come to pass, all they could muster was "Yeah, they won. But A-Rod struck out 3 times." No mention of AJ, or Howard striking out 3 times, etc.

    You, of course, are not one of those knuckleheads.

    I dunno if the Mets should've signed him; I don't think Pedro could've effectively pitched a complete season in '09.


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