Thursday, October 29, 2009

Campbell Brown: Faux News' Newest Apologist

According to this Associated Press tidbit Fox "News" has a new buddy in the war on information and negative bias...Campbell Brown:

CNN's prime-time host Campbell Brown...interviewed Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and asked whether the White House considered left-leaning MSNBC biased as well. Jarrett wouldn't speak about the network.

She "seems loathe to admit that MSNBC has a bias," Brown said. "And that is where I think the White House loses all credibility on this issue."

If the White House wants to talk about bias in the media, officials "should elevate the conversation and talk about bias on the right and on the left," Brown said. "Because when you just target one side, you reveal your own bias — that you are only critical of those who are critical of you."

I have not seen the interview in question, but if Jarrett failed
to make the distinction between the networks, she was remiss.
Then again, she probably felt it's not her job to defend
any particular network, especially, in this case MSNBC.

However, I feel she should not have left Brown off the hook and explained that a bias is one thing, but for Fox to be passing off as news a political party's talking points and routinely labeling disgraced Republican politicians as Democrats--just to give two examples--is not the work of an entity that purports to be a news organization.

I wonder if Brown's position on the subject after CNN's reported recent drop to third place in the ratings are a coincidence. Hmm...

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