Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Return of the Mac

So, former slugger Mark McGwire is announced as the St. Louis Cardinals' hitting instructor for the 2010 season and the knives immediately come out. And sharp, too.


Yes, I'm disappointed in players that have decided to take the steroids route, including faves of mine. And yes, members of the baseball media make a valid point when stating a lack of clarity and admission on Big Mac's part regarding PED usage.

But, I was so appalled by the petty and hypocritical way the vast majority of the baseball press conducted themselves during the A-Rod PED scandal that I have come to believe that Manny Ramirez's non-chalant, disrespectful brush-off, when openly confronted about his own steroid use—“It's not like I killed or raped anybody”—is every bit the treatment these hacks deserved. (Yes, they'll have their revenge on him when it comes time for Manny to make reservations for Cooperstown. But I would bet top dollar he gives not a fuck.)

In other words, let Big Mac come back and do his thing. If he or the STL organization chooses to address his PED situation, fine. If not, fine with me, as well. Are the writers going to change their minds and grant him their Hall of Fame vote if he gives up the confession and/or apology they are so drooling over? No, right?

Well, it'll be a distraction for the team
, some might say. Do ya think that didn't come up when the Cards' brass made the decision? C'mon, they're smart cats over there. I would venture to speculate they are actually daring the press to go all Jim Gray—not that I'm a Pete Rose apologist; far from it—and make this about McGwire's past and not his job performance. So I say, let the self-righteous, irresponsible and trifling scribes harp on that and not Mac's abilities in his new gig. Fuck 'em. Good luck to Big Mac and the Cards in 2010.

It's done, people. Move on.

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