Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In with the New

The more I read the comments sections on conservative blogs the more I am disenchanted and disgusted by the whole lot of them. Supposed Christians who are more in line with the fire, brimstone, wrath and barbarity of the Old Testament and not much in tune with the message of peace, love, brotherhood and tolerance of the New Testament. (You know, the part of the Bible that actually has the teachings of Christ in it. Sorry to break it to ya: no Christ in the Old Testament, folks. Or as my brother succinctly put it the other day, “That’s why it’s called the New Testament.”)

People spewing pitiless rants about health care not being a right (!) or such nonsense as how we should give tax breaks to the rich, hoping they create jobs. Good grief. They don't see the logic in rewarding with these concessions and incentives those who actually generate employment, and not waiting around to see if greed doesn't overcome them and they end up doing the right thing of their own volition. Jeez...the more I find out what makes these people tick the less I want to know anything about them. On the bright side, a recent Gallup poll has the Republican Party losing ground in every demographic since 2001. Except regular churchgoers, whose support of the GOP remains unchanged. [sigh]

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