Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally! (another inconvenient truth)

You've got it all wrong, people.

The reason why former Vice-President Dick Cheney has, of late, been actively and fearlessly prattling on about how the Obama administration's refusal to rebuke the rule of law and engage in war crimes has made us less safe, is not so much fueled by the desire to protect the legacy of himself and George W. Bush, but a stance firmly rooted in the knowledge that NO ONE with a prominent role in the White House, the Democratic party, or the mainstream media has the balls to confront him with the obviously glaring fallacy of his position: the Bush 43 administration DID NOT keep us safe. Right, Paul Begala?

If 3,000 Americans had been killed on your watch, in an attack that could have been prevented, perhaps you'd be a little hesitant to accuse anyone else of endangering America. And if you had advocated torture, and the torture produced false information that you used to mislead America into an unwise, unjust and unwarranted war, you might be a tad sheepish about defending the use of torture.

Not Dick Cheney. Mr. Cheney has stepped up his attack on Pres. Obama's security strategy, telling CBS's Bob Schieffer that Obama's refusal to use waterboarding and other "enhanced interrogation techniques" (i.e., torture) endangers American lives.

The truth is the Bush-Cheney policies did not keep us safe, and Mr. Cheney is not a credible spokesman on issues of national security.

About fucking time.

Perhaps what's most galling about Mr. Cheney is how, without irony, humility or apology, he holds himself out as someone who has protected America when in fact he shirked his responsibility before 9-11 and misled us into war after. The closest Dick Cheney has ever come to fighting for America is when he shot his lawyer in the face.

Too bad Dick Vader will never see the business side of a jail cell for the harm he's done to this country. Here's more.

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