Friday, April 24, 2009

It's About that Time

Fellow blogger Xmastime is on point in exhorting President Obama to do his thing and forget about non-forthcoming bi-partisanship:
At some point, Obama is gonna hafta quit worrying about how the public sees any efforts of bi-partisanship and simply start governing. It's clear now that no matter what, Republicans are gonna oppose whatever he brings up. The level of resistance will be the exact same whether he bends over backwards for them, or if simply pushing through whatever he wants. So he might as well do the latter and not the former if it means progressive policy that the majority of millions of Americans actually want, despite the efforts of a half a dozen Republican Congressman.

Take healthcare for an example. Republicans will have you believe this is some 4th quarter boogeyman Obama is pulling out - oh no! radical Marxist healthcare for everyone!! Except he ran his campaign on it, and mentioned it about 86,000 times, and Americans were so freaked out by it we voted him in with a pretty comfy margin.

So maybe he needs to focus more on making sure the system he has is as efficient as possible and pushing it through and less about hurting whiny GOP congressman's feelings. If the shit works, then in 10 years everyone's gonna be sitting around saying "gee, we all have healthcare, isn't this great?" Again, nobody's gonna moan "yeah, but I wish Obama had been sweeter to the Republicans when they were hurling themselves in the supermarket aisle having their tantrums."

Happy Juneteenth!