Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tea Partier Not Your Dad's Mr. Roper

Let's get to the gist of this: Tea Party leader Mark Williams has vehemently defended his organization from accusations of racism but when confronted by the NAACP on the subject he lashes out and claims the NAACP has made "more money off of race than any slave trader ever." Dumbfounding huh? Well, what about Billy Roper, a Tea Partier and write-in candidate for governor of Arkansas who had this to say to the Kansas City Star:

“I don’t want non-whites in my country in any form or fashion or any status,” he says. Roper also is a tea party member who says he has been gathering support for his cause by attending tea party rallies. “We go to these tea parties all over the country,” Roper said. “We’re looking for the younger, potentially more radical people.”

That's incriminating enough. But then I find out that, according to the Anti-Defamation League website...
Arkansas-based White Revolution is a relatively new neo-Nazi organization that seeks to promote unity and cooperation among white supremacist groups. Run by Billy Roper, a former official with National Alliance, White Revolution coordinates rallies and protests - often in conjunction with other groups - that attract a wide array of racist participants, ranging from young skinheads to Identity Christians to neo-Nazis and Klansmen...Roper, born in 1972, is a onetime skinhead and a former high school history instructor who claims that three generations of his family have belonged to the Klan.

Care to add something to this, Mr. Williams?

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